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Dept. Contents Contact
Natonal Project R&D business and technology inquiry 055)914-1507
Planning and Management Accounting, General Affairs, Planning, H/R, Recruiting Inquiry 1566-1501
Trade & Overseas sales and Management Trade, Export, Overseas Sales Inquiry 055)914-1526
Production Management Injection Molding Machine Frame, Oil tank Production Inquiry 055)914-1524
Electronics Development Injection Molding Machine Electric and Electronic system, Hybrid Retrofit system,
Photovoltaic Inverter, ESS technology and price inquiry
Ecotechnology Sales DAF system, Flow Table Screw Dryer, Tornado Aerator Technology and price inquiry 02)3663-6424
Stntz. Electric Two wheel Vehicle, Heat Protecting Film, Photovoltaic Development Business Technology and Price Inquiry 1566-9369