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Environmental Business

DAF System

Consists of four important parts; air compressor, pressure pump, air dissolving tube, flotation tank. Applied the technology of making the pollutant in raw water rising up and discharging with 30-70㎛ microbubble.


Raw water Inflow -> Mixing/Coagulation -> Flocs attached to microbubble generated from microbubble generator and float in Floatation Tank. -> Sludge Removal by the upper sludge removal device -> Treated water is released to collector and treated by physiochemical process.

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Characteristics of pressure flotation system

  • Solid-liquid separation method which respond better to load change in existing treatment plant
  • Mirobubble is tiny which has sticking effect to FLOC leading to high surface loading
  • Surface loading is maximum of 15㎥/㎡·hr, 1.3times more efficient compared to competitor products.
  • Exceptional performance of microbubble generator which increases bubble density causing less circulation of water to reduce power cost of pressure pump.
  • Short stay period within rise tank (average 15~20 minutes), Minimized equipment area to resolve land shortage.
  • Compared to competitor product, entire structure is lighter and more compact and does not require heavy base structure or support
  • Centralized automatic system, automated operation possible

Sites where pressure flotation system can be applied

  • Sewage, waste water, heavy water, stagnant water
  • Large-scale waste water treatment plant equipment
  • Factory waste water with medium hardness SS
  • Farming and fishing livestock waste water treatment plant
  • Treatment plant with unstable treatment quality due to high load rate in aeration tank and final settling reservoir
  • Treatment plant with severe seasonal load change
  • Treatment plant using 3rd filter

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Field Measurement Data

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