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Tornado Aerator System is composed of Blower, Supplying Pipes and Air Diffuser so that the sufficient amount of aeration occurs inside of the tank. It is the technology to convert the air into bubble and spray the bubble for oxygen transfer and agitation.


  • High air dissolving efficiency
    • Balanced air delivery in water tank by creating tornado swirl
    • Create high-efficiency microbubble through rotation in the shape of wedge inside
  • Reduce sludge dead space
    • Sludge dead space destroyed constant circulation of upper and lower current
    • Increase mixing efficiency through certain aero-lift phenomenon by injecting air into the side or center
  • Energy Saving
    • Large saving in electricity cost through high air dissolving efficiency (30~50% saving)
    • Reduce maintenance cost through non-blocking structure
    • Inexpensive initial installation cost and operation cost

Applicable scope

  • Aeration according to standard activated sludge method
  • Aeration of sludge reservoir
  • Mid-low contact supporting material aeration
See the Tornado Aerator System Clip

토네이도 에어레이터 이미지

Comparison of the performance

Category Disk Type Tornado Aerator
1. Air Dissolving Efficiency [4m] 5% 12.2%
2. Mixing Generate only upward current Mixing both upper and lower
3. Supplied Air Volume 0.1~0.4 ㎥/min 0.5~0.75 ㎥/min
4. Power Consumption 2-3 times that of tornado aerator 1/2 ~ 1/3 of disk type
5. Lower Dead Sludge Dead sludge incurred No dead sludge
6. Blocking Blocking occurs No blocking
7. Maintenance Replace every 2-3 years No exchange needed
8. Intermittent Operation Not possible Possible
9. Material Plastic + rubber Nylon66 70% + Glass Fiber 30%

Air Dissolving Efficiency by Water Depth

수심에 따른 산소 용해율

Main Equipment

  • Tornado-like Microbubble generated by unique shape of wings
  • Own both ow volume model TM-200 and High volume model TM-1000
  • Separated configuration of blower and supplying pipes.
  • TM-200TM-200
  • TM-1000TM-1000


Model Material Weight Air Flow Rate Depth
TM-200 NYLON66 : 70%
1.0kg 0.2~0.4㎥/min 2.0~4.0m
TM-1000 2.5kg 0.5~0.7㎥/min 4.0~6.0m

- Applicable model and the number may vary depending on the kind of waste water, the volume of waste water and the amount of sludge. Thus, please contact us for inquiry.