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Renewable Energy Business

Photovoltaic Installment Facilities

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What is Solar Energy Generation?

It is the device which directly converts the unlimited, chemical-free solar energy into Electric energy. It is the development system which could be installed easily wherever the sun is available and produce electric.

The benefits of Solar Energy Development

  • Commercial power supply profit generation : Over 20 years, more than 15% of profits in average a year. The nation supports the business thus stable income is possible. (automatic fare adjustment per month)
  • Carbon Emission Right Securement : Aside from the commercial power supply profit, carbon emission right after securing necessary amount of right, could be sold like stock.
  • Financial Benefits : No worry for exhaustion by using dead space. No extra expense for the maintenance.
  • Environment Friendly Image Enhancement : Photovoltaic system can enhance the eco-friendly business image by providing unlimited, chemical-free clean energy source.
  • Corporate tax reduction(where applicable) : According to the special taxation limit law the article 25-2, 10% corporate tax reduction is possible about the power plant.

The process of the solar energy development

Solar Energy Generation추진절차

Company Category
Gim-Hae Si 1 Solar Energy Generation (99KW)
Gim-Hae Si 2 Solar Energy Generation (99KW)
Ga-Ya Myeon 1 Solar Energy Generation (800KW)
Ga-Ya Myeon 2 Solar Energy Generation (500KW)
Ga-Ya Myeon 3 Solar Energy Generation (1MW)
Ga-Ya Myeon 4 Solar Energy Generation (200KW)
Ga-Ya Myeon 5 Solar Energy Generation (200KW)
Ga-Ya Myeon 6 Solar Energy Generation (200KW)
Gyeongbuk Yeong-Deok Gun Solar Energy Generation (465KW)
Bu-Il Solar Energy Generation (99KW)
Jeju-do 1 Solar Energy Generation (2.1MW)
Jeju-do 2 Solar Energy Generation (1.6MW)
Gim-Hae Si Juchon-myeon Solar Energy Generation (99W)
Busan Si Solar Energy Generation (2MW)

And more.