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홈Business AreaEnergy Savings Business

Energy Savings Business

ESCO (Energy Service Company)

ESCO(Energy Service Company) is a business for energy-user who wants to save energy by complementing or ordering energy-saving systems but has difficulties in proceeding it due to the technical and economical burdens. ESCO guarantees the energy savings from the installation of energy-saving systems and minimizes the economic burdens through redemption by installment of full investment cost by the reduced cost from energy-saving.

Subject for ESCO Business

For all businesses including industrial facilities, buildings, apartments, public facilities, etc. who can save more than 5% of energy savings.

  • For the case of replacing from high energy consumption systems to high energy efficient systems.
  • For high efficient energy equipment : replacing LED lights, transformers, inverters
  • For waste heat recovery proejcts: heat exchangers, waste heat recovery boilers, heat pumps, etc.
  • For process improvement projects expecting more than 5% of energy saving effects
  • Supporting total 86 items including other inverter control compressor, gas air-conditioning facilities, etc.

Characteristics of ESCO loan funds(Energy Usage Rationalization Fund)

  • Subject: SMEs and large companies who wish to save energy
  • Supporting amount : Less than USD 15,000,000 (15 Billion in Korean Won) per a same investor, minimum USD 20,000 (20 Million in Korean Won)
    *Exchange rate applied : 1 USD = 1,000 Korean won

Benefits of ESCO investment

  • Review the economic feasibility with professional energy diagnosis
  • Long-term and low interest loan for 100% of initial investment cost from policy funds
  • ESCO guarantees saving rate up to payback of investment cost.

ESCO Fund Supporting Procedures

ESCO 자금지원 절차

Main Business

  • ① Hybrid servo system (System Retrofit)
  • ② Improve the LED lighting