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Terms and Conditions

Section 1 General Rules
Article 1 (Purpose)
This terms and conditions is for the purpose of stipulating terms of use and the process, the users and this site’s rights, responsibilities and other necessary things.
Article 2 (The effect of the terms and conditions and change)
  1. This site provides you with the service on condition that you agree to this Terms and Conditions. If you agree to this Terms and Conditions, this Terms and Conditions may apply by priority in this site’s service and your use of the service.
  2. In case of revision of the site’s terms and conditions, the application date and the reason for the revision is to be announced on the main page with the existing agreement 7 days prior to the application date or the day before the application date. However, if the terms and conditions are revised as unfair to the users, it must be announced with at least 30 days of advanced grace period. In this case, this site must clearly indicate the comparison of the contents before and after the revision. If users do not agree to the revised terms and conditions, the users can cancel the membership (withdraw from member) and otherwise it will be considered the agreement to the revised terms and conditions.
Article 3 (Rules other than the terms and conditions)
  1. These terms and conditions are applied with the provisions of use and additional conditions regarding the service which this site provides. The terms not stipulated in these terms and conditions are under the Telecommunications Act, the Electric Communication Law, Korea Internet Safety Commission Regulation, Internet Safety Ethics, Computer Programs Protection Act and other related laws
  2. .
Article 4 (Definitions of Terms)
This terms and conditions define the terms used herein as following.
  1. Users: People who are given the service this site provides
  2. Join: The act of filling out the information in the application form this site provides and completing the service use contract by agreeing to this terms and conditions.
  3. Member: People who became a member of the site by providing their personal information and are provided with the information of this site.
  4. Password: The combination of the words and numbers they chose to see if the IDs and users match and to protect their personal information online.
  5. Cancellation of the membership: The terms not defined in these terms and conditions are defined in the separate terms and conditions of the separate service.
Section 2 Service Offer and Use
Article 5 (The establishment of the Service Contract)
  1. You can cancel the service contract under following articles in this site.
    • When joined with other people’s name.
    • When joined with the false service contract application.
    • When joined with the purpose of disturbing the stability of a society.
    • When having done the action of preventing other people’s use of this site or the infringement.
    • When having done the action the law and this terms and conditions prohibit.
    • When the application requisition which this site required is not fulfilled
  2. This site can defer the service contract in following cases until the reason for the deferral is resolved.
    • When the service-related capacity is not sufficient
    • When there are technical obstacles
  3. The services this site provides is as follows and the contents of the service to be revised must be announced to the users and the services below can be provided with change. Information about Dongshin EnTech would be provided through E-mail.
Article 6 (Agreement to use of member’s personal information)
  1. The personal information protection policy applies to member’s private information.
  2. Member’s personal information in this site is collected, used, managed and protected as following.
    • Collection of Personal Information: This site collects your personal information as you provide when you join the site and the collected information may be deleted entirely upon your withdrawal from the membership.
    • Use of personal information: This site does not reveal or distribute the member’s personal information collected related to the service offered in this site. However, in case there is a request from the national agency under the law such as Telecommunications Act, or in case there is any purpose of crime investigation or request from the Korea Internet Safety Commission or any procedures set by other related laws, or you reveal your personal information by yourself, this does not apply.
    • Management of Personal Information: You can modify or delete any of your personal information from the management of personal information frequently for the protection and the management of your information.
    • Protection of your personal information: Your personal information can be only opened/modified/deleted by yourself and this is completely managed by your ID and Password. Therefore, you cannot reveal your ID and password to others and must logout from the computer and close the window when you finish your work. (This is even more necessary if you are in the public areas such as internet café or a library where you must share your computer network with others.)
  3. If the member applies to use this site according to this terms and conditions, it is considered that the member agrees to the terms of collection and use of member’s personal information written in the application according to this terms and conditions.
Article 7 (Information Security)
  1. The applicant is responsible for security of the information from the moment of completing the membership join to this site. Any results derived from using the member’s ID and password is responsible to the member themselves.
  2. The responsibility for every management of the ID and password is on the member themselves and if you found out your ID and password is wrongly used, you must immediately report to the site. Any harm caused by no report can be responsible to the member themselves.
  3. The users must exit from the access correctly whenever you finish the use of the service of this site. Any damages or losses caused by not correctly exiting can lead to the third party’s use of your personal information and this site is not responsible for that.
  4. This site does not collect personal information utilizing the cookies and it refuses the automatic installing device of the personal information such as internet access and does not operate the related devices.
  5. This site notifies the users the personal information category and the occurrence time upon recognizing the leakage of the personal information collected and being used in this site.
Article 8 (Service Hours)
  1. Service Hours is 24 hours a day with no holiday unless there is any special reason for the site’s operation.
  2. The Service Hours in Paragraph 1 is with an exception of the date or time set by this site due to need of the regular check-up.
Article 9 (The suspension of the service and the information storage and use)
  1. If any stored or sent messages and other messages get deleted or not stored properly due to uncontrollable condition, national emergency, blackout, or service facilities error and other force majeure, this site does not take responsibilities.
  2. If this site cannot provide service anymore and must stop the service temporarily, it must notify the suspension of the service 1 week prior to the suspension date. If you have not recognized the notified message during this period, this site does not take any responsibility. In case of exceptional cases, the above mentioned pre-notice period can be shortened or omitted. In addition to that, if any stored or sent messages and other messages get deleted or not stored properly due to uncontrollable condition, national emergency, blackout, or service facilities error and other force majeure, this site does not take responsibilities.
  3. In case this site needs to permanently suspend the service due to the unavoidable circumstances, it is accordance with paragraph 2. However, in this case, the pre-notice period is set 1 month.
  4. This site can temporarily modify, change and suspend the service with the pre-notice. However, this does not make you or any third parties responsible for that.
  5. This site can limit and suspend the service use voluntarily in case the users violate the terms and conditions. In this case, this site can ban the access of the above users.
Article 10 (The change and cancel of the service)
  1. This site does not take any responsibility for any damage due to the data you have acquired through our service or any expected profit and loss using our service incurred to you. Also, this site is not responsible for the information or data the members have uploaded and the validity or accuracy is also not considered as the site’s responsibility.
  2. This site is not responsible for any damage or loss of the members especially one happened by intentionally or negligently.
Article 11 (Information Offer and PR materials post)
  1. this site can provide the members a variety of information by posting them in the service.
  2. This site can post any PR materials which is deemed as relevant or useful to the service.
Article 12 (Copyright of the postings submitted to this site)
  1. The authority of the postings you have submitted is on us.
  2. This site has right to edit and move the postings without any notice. In the following cases, the postings can be deleted without any notice; the postings which violates this terms and conditions or is considered illegal, obscene and vulgar,
    • ; the postings which slander other members or the third parties and ruin the reputation by mudslinging,
    • ; the postings which violates the public order and the public morals,
    • ; the postings which is associated with the criminal actions;
    • ; the postings which violates other rights such as the third party’s copyright,
    • ; the postings which violates other related laws
  3. If your posting violates other’s copyrights, both civil and criminal responsibility is entirely on you.
Article 13 (Conduct Codes of Users and Limitations on Service Use)
  1. If your information turns out to be false or any rational decisions which could be doubted occur, this site can suspend your service use partially or entirely and any disadvantages incurred by that is not responsible of this site.
  2. Any information that you have posted, sent and acquired via this site’s service or any types of information that you have posted, sent and acquired via e-mail or other methods is responsible of you and this site does not take any responsibility at all.
  3. This site does not guarantee accuracy, completeness and the quality of the service’s contents which are provided not by this site but by the members or other agencies.
  4. You agree not to be involved in following acts through this service.
    • Act of stealing other’s ID and Password
    • Act of sending, posting and publishing the obscene, vulgar, insulting and threatening contents which may violate other’s privacy by e-mail or other method.
    • Act of camouflaging the reference of the contents sent through this service.
    • Act of sending the contents that cannot be used according to the law or contracts by e-mail or other methods.
    • Act of sending the contents that violate other’s patents, trademarks, sales confidential, copyrights and other intellectual properties by e-mail or other methods.
    • Act of posting, publishing or sending PR materials, junk mail, spamming, a chain letter and pyramid organization or other invitational letter by e-mail or other methods.
    • Act of collecting and storing other people’s personal information.
  5. This site can delete the entire information related to the service without the user’s consent if it is considered that the user violated this terms and conditions.
Section 3 Obligations and Responsibility
Article 14 (Obligations of this site)
  1. This site has responsibility to try hard to provide stable service continuously without violating the terms and conditions or the public order and morals.
  2. This site does not reveal member’s personal information to others without any consent. However, in case of Telecommunications relating laws or relating national agency’s request, it does.
  3. This site must be equipped with the security system which may protect the user’s personal information (including credit information) so that users can use the site safely.
  4. This site does not take any responsibility upon the difficulty in service use due to the reasons attributable to the users.
Article 15 (The obligations of members)
  1. The users must fill out all the information required upon the membership join. Also, the users must renew the information to keep the information accurate and must not lend their ID or password to the third parties.
  2. The users cannot promote any profits using the service without the consent of the site.
  3. The users cannot copy, change, translate, publicly use or provide the information acquired from using this site’s service without the consent of the site.
  4. The members cannot be involved in acts in following paragraphs using this site’s service.
    • Act of using other member’s ID wrongfully.
    • Act with the criminal purpose or act related to other criminal acts.
    • Act of violating the public order and morals.
    • Act of defaming or insulting other people’s reputation.
    • Act of violating other people’s rights such as intellectual properties.
    • Act of spreading the computer virus or hacking.
    • Act of constantly sending the same contents of sales or advertisement against the other’s will.
    • Act of preventing the stable operation of the service.
    • Act of changing the information posted on this site.
    • Act of violating the Telecommunications Business Act Article I and Telecommunications Business Act enforcement Article 16 (rebellious communication), Telecommunications Business Act Article 53 Pragraph 3
Section 4 etc
Article 16 (Ownership of this site)
  1. The intellectual property and other rights regarding the service this site provides, the software needed for the service, image, mark, logo, design, service name, information and trademarks are all owned by Dongshin enTech Co., Ltd.
  2. You cannot lend, loan, sell, distribute, produce, transfer, re-license, set the security rights of, use commercially and modify each property of the previous article partially or entirely, not to mention let the third parties do it unless this site explicitly approves of it.
Article 17 (Prohibition of the transfer)
Members cannot transfer or grant the rights of use and the contractual position to other people. And, also the collateral cannot be accepted.
Article 18 (Damage Compensation)
This site does not take any responsibility when the service provided for free in this site may incur any damage to the members unless this site intentionally commit the crime.
Article 19 (Exemption Provisions)
  1. This site does not have any obligations to be sure and represent any opinions or information expressed on the service and does not approve, disapprove or modify any opinions expressed by the third parties. This site does not take any responsibility for the damage or benefit incurred to the members who depended on the information acquired in the service.
  2. This site does not take any responsibility for the product trade or financial exchange between members and the third parties through this service. Also, it does not take any responsibility for the expected benefit by using this service of members.
Article 20 (Competent Court)
In case there is a filing of a suit, the Competent Court would be the one in the sites where Dongshin enTech Co., Ltd. is located.
Additional Clause (the date of enforcement)
This terms and conditions start on November 1st, 2009. The copyright of this terms and conditions are owned by Dongshin enTech Co., Ltd. and illegal copies, distribution, sending and other copyright violations are strictly prohibited.