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Patents and Utility Models

  • 2013.11.26 Patent Sludge Concentrator
  • 2013.03.13 Patent Valve Device for Photovoltaic Generation
  • 2013.03.13 Patent Air Diffuser for Water Treatment
  • 2013.03.13 Patent Plasma Air Deodorization
  • 2012.11.26 Patent Continuous Rotary Filter with Automatic Washing Function.
  • 2012.11.26 Patent Plasma Discharge Reaction DAF
  • 2012.10.17 The Frictional Resistance Reduction Device and the vessel equipped with it.
  • 2012.10.04 Patent Electric Hydraulic Hybrid Actuator
  • 2011.08.17 Application Dissolved Air Circulating Water Generator with a perforated pipe and DAF equipped with them
  • 2011.08.04 Application DAF with advanced performance of circulating water and dissolved air combined.
  • 2011.04.20 Patent Float sludge removal device for DAF
  • 2011.03.09 Application Producing Method of Bio-gas using Aurelia aurita
  • 2011.03.03 Application Valve Device using Photovoltaic Generation
  • 2011.03.03 Application Wireless Valve Device
  • 2010.05.26 Application Decal Transferring Device
  • 2010.05.12 Application Electric Hydraulic Hybrid Actuator
  • 2009.11.12 Patent Dissolved air injection DAF
  • 2009.09.03 Application Using interaction of Polarity Change of Permanent Magnets and the Polarities.
  • 2009.04.16 Patent Auto Sequential Filtering Equipment Attached DAF
  • 2009.04.16 Patent Water treatment System using Auto Sequential Filtering Equipment Attached DAF
  • 2008.01.09 Patent Hoy Drying Flow Table Screw Dryer
  • 2006.06.27 Utility Model Livestock Wastewater Flow Table Screw Solidliquid Separator
  • 2006.03.30 Utility Model Hot Air Drying Flow Table Screw Dryer
  • 2005.09.12 Utility Model Registration DAF
  • 2003.10.20 Utility Model Registration DAF Reciprocating Sludge Removal Device
  • 1999.12.03 Utility Model Registration Rotating vortex type water treatment device using the bubble generator
  • 1995.03.18 Utility Model Registration Water Treatment Bubble generating device
  • 1992.11.12 Utility Model Registration purification device