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Company Introduction

DONGSHIN enTech is taking a leap to the future environmental and energy industry as a new leader. We are trying hard to play an important role as leading the domestic and international environmental and energy industry by constantly investing on the environmental, energy technology and also by research and development.

Company Profile

Company Name DONGSHIN EnTech
C.E.O. Sang Min Kim
Foundation Date Feb. 27, 2002
Business Area Manufacturing, Construction / Water treatment and anti-pollution business, industrial electronic machine, metallic structure products, industrial robots, international trade
Business area and products
  • Environment : DAF, Flow Table Screw Dryer, Tornado Aerator System
  • Injection Molding : Hybrid Retrofit System for industrial machinery, ATO heat protection coating
  • Renewable Energy : Photovoltaic Installment, Inverter and Module, Energy Storage System, X-ROBOT.
  • ESCO : Servo Hybrid System Retrofit, LED light upgrade
  • DONGSHIN enTech (www.sdaf.net) : Entire Business Introduction and Environmental Construction Products Introduction
  • Hybrid (www.hybridtech.co.kr) : Hybrid Retrofit System for Hybrid Retrofit System for Industrial Machinery
  • Stnz (www.stntz.com) : ESCO and Photovoltaic System Installation, ATO Heat Protection Coating, X-ROBOT Introduction
E-Mail dhceee@gmail.com
  • Headquarter : 60-19, Sanmakgongdan buk 9-gil, Yangsang-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, 626-120, Korea
  • Seoul Office : #607. Hanwabzmetro 1(L)- Cha 449-4, Gyangdong, Kangseo-ku, Seoul, Korea Tel : 02-3663-6424 Fax : 02-6957-1410 E-mail. dhcee@hanmail.net